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old Programs

Workforce Development:  GDI operates a comprehensive jobs training program designed to prepare residents for the green economy.

Improved Environmental Health: GDI engages in effective Community Based Participatory Research practices that apply proven intervention strategies to reach optimum health goals in vulnerable communities.

Community Health and Awareness Seminars (CHATS): GDI provides awareness and educational projects  through workshops, seminars,  and educational forums.

Champions Owning Detroit’s Environment (CODE)-Green: A youth led environmental leadership program. During summer months, High school aged and young adults are: introduced to natural resource career paths,  get involved in advocating for a better environment through the world of public policy, and become a leader for their generation.

Climate Organizers Leading Detroit (COLD): An essential element of COLD is for young leaders to actually influence and participate in the development and implementation of policy solutions to climate change locally and abroad. GDI works to develop leadership in young people to ensure a healthy transition for the next generation of environmental stewardship.

Civic Engagement: GDI provides training programs for citizens to ensure their full participation in all decisions impacting a healthy and environmentally sustainable life style

Climate Change and Environmental Restoration: GDI work to reverse the adverse impacts of climate change, toxic industrial legacies and poor past land use by developing a strong volunteer base, impacting public policy and training a workforce dedicated to restoring water, air, land, wildlife and other ecological  assets.


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